Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wii U: Promising E3 demos offer hope for solid launch

We reflect on Nintendo's offerings after a day with Wii U
The lack of megaton announcements at Nintendo'sE3 2012 press conference may have disappointed fans who hoped for some big surprises. It was no show-stopper.
But we spent a full day at Nintendo's giant-as-ever E3 booth yesterday toying with Wii U, and having played the first-party games repeatedly we're left with refreshed confidence for a solid launch from the Big N.
We sprinted straight to the Pikmin 3 demo , which offereda look at a Trial Course and a tough boss battle. The game may not appear vastly different from its predecessors, but it was such a joy to be playing a new Pikmin again - and the demo actually reveals very little about the game and there could be many more treats in store - multiplayer, a new campaign structure, other environments and, of course, more new Pikmin besides the Rock types we saw this week.
Nintendo Land lost credibility the moment it was deemed a 'mini game compilation' but we honestly had fun with a few of the five games on show. A full run-through of each one is in our Nintendo Land preview .
As for New Super Mario Bros. U , again, not a great deal of surprising new content, but we bounced through the three available levels with rapid ninja jumps - and that put a smile on our faces.
So, we've got no big Zelda or Metroid or 3D Mario to drool over, but away from the hype-train that is E3, it's not a disaster - there are three solidgames to be getting on with until Nintendo hammers out the real bad boys. Hit the links above for our full impressions,and let us know what you thought.

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