Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Multi-touch for WiiU 'would feel unwieldy', says Nintendo's Fils-Aime

NOA executive demonstrates why he's more comfortable with single-touch
Fils-Aime claimed that such a feature would not be appropriate for the Wii U. He said that, since one hand will likely always be gripping the tablet, there is no necessity toprovide multi-touch capabilities for the other hand.
"When we went through the building of this and, given some of the functionality, we thought that single-touch was a more appropriate option, especially when you've got other button configurations," Fils-Aime told Kotaku .
In a demonstration of how the controller system would be used, Fils-Aime held the tablet up with his left hand, thumb on analogue stick, andwith his right hand begun to poke the touch-screen.
Then, placing the tablet in his lap, Fils-Aime began to poke at the touch-screen with bothfingers.
"Is this really the way you want to play a game? I don't think so," he said.
Answering whether it would not be reasonable to provide customers with the option to use one or two hands, Fils-Aime responded: "There'sa cost to it. Again, we envision this as a controller that you're putting in your hands and you're doing a two-screen experience. The concept of putting it in your lap to do multi-touch for us just feels unwieldy."

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