Friday, June 8, 2012

E3 2012: Your essential master guide

Complete coverage of all the news, videos, previews, analysis and reactions
We didn't get anything that could described as a 'megaton', but there was plenty of smaller interesting bits of news that are worth catching up on. On top of that we've had plenty of videos, screens and hands-on previews of all the hottest games of E3.
Below you'll find a complete round-up of everything we've put on the site over the least week. Work your way throughit and you'll be completely up to speed.
To kick off watch our E3 2012supertrailer, in which we've compiled all the bestest bits ofthe show into one massive, exhilarating supertrailer. Caution: it contains stabbing, sweating, explosions. Oh, and the odd bow.
*. E3 TV: All trailers and gameplay footage from the show : Missed any game trailers from E3 2012? Take a look at ourcomplete video library
*. Your essential guide to the press conferences - videos, analysis, reactions : Forensic examination and quick summaries of the Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft event
*. Hands On - We preview killer games of E3 : Our collection of all E3 previews, including MetalGear, Pikmin, Forza, Hitman, 1313.
*. Breaking - The ten headlines that rocked E3 : We look back on a week of brilliant surprises and shocking meltdowns
*. Our complete coverage of E3 2012 : All the latest news, movies and screens from E3 2012.

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