Friday, May 25, 2012

Windows 8 Drops Aero UI For Desktop

Aero to end with Windows 7
Microsoft revealed today that
Windows 8 will no longer
have an Aero-style interface.
In a blog post , Microsoft
director of program
management Jensen Harris
announced the change for
Windows 8's desktop
Instead of the Aero-style
glass effect that was
introduced in Windows Vista,
Windows 8 will feature a
more flat, neutral colored UI.
As Harris put it, "we have
moved beyond Aero Glass -
flattening surfaces, removing
reflections, and scaling back
distracting gradients."
This is a shift from what was
being said last year, with the
Windows 8 desktop being
dubbed "
Aero Lite ."
And as of March 1, The
Windows 8 Consumer
Preview also still featured
Aero's transparent windows.
Ditching Aero to make
Windows lighter
Many reasons for the change
are stated in the blog post,
most of which revolve
around compatibility with
existing Windows 7
applications and creating a
clean interface that doesn't
distract from the actual
content on the screen.

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