Thursday, May 24, 2012

Symbian Carla Cancelled

All Symbian fans and users mightwant to sit down while reading this. According to the Product Marketing Manager for Nokia South Europe Mathias Fiorin, Symbian Carla has been cancelled. Nokialino, an Italian Nokia fan site, claims to have spoken with Mathias Fiorin, so the infomationshould be pretty accurate. He says Carla is now known as FP1. But it is not just a name change - both upcoming FeaturePacks won't bring major updates, HD screens and dual-core CPU support. Basically Belle is the last major Symbian release the world will get. If all of this is true then Symbian is as good as dead. There is no better way to put this – there will be no Carla or Donna. The final update will be Belle’s upcoming Feature Pack 2 and, asyou can guess, that will hardly be a game changer. We have to wait for an official announcement, though it does makes sense – as the Symbian market share diminishes rapidly,Nokia is putting all its efforts into Windows Phone.

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