Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Soul Sacrifice Screens Show Demented Spells At Work

How's swapping your spine for a sword sound?
Soul Sacrifice is the work of Mega Man creator and Capcom legend Keiji Inafune, who has dreamt up an interesting gameplay mechanic which has the player sacrificing objects or parts of their body to perform spells. The more precious the sacrifice, the bigger the spell.
Siliconera has details a few new examples; players can sacrifice a rock to conjure up stone armor. Not so bad, right? Well, they can also apparently gauge their eyes out to make laser-shooting eyes.
The 'Salamander' spell lets theplayer engulf themselves in flames, burning any nearby enemies to a crisp, but leaving themselves with severe burns after the job's done.
But the 'Excalibur' spell is the clincher. You sacrifice your spine and internal organs to make a "deadly sword". But when all's said and done, your character apparently dies because, y'know, spines are kind of important. Nice.
So why cast that spell? Listen, don't ask us how this game works under normal video game logic. There doesn't seem to be any logic to Soul Sacrifice.
Check the new images.

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