Friday, May 25, 2012

Google+ 2.0 update grants Android app new features

The iPhone got the update
first, but Android gets the
better version
Google has given the Google+
app a much-needed overhaul
on the company's Android
OS, and though it comes
weeks after the iOS version's
update, it also brings an
extra feature.
The Google+ app for Apple's
iOS was given a visual
earlier this month,
and at the time Google
promised that an Android
equivalent to the 2.0 update
was incoming.
Today, they've delivered in
spades. The new Google+
app for Android features the
same aesthetic
improvements as the
previous iOS update, as well
as the added functionality to
initiate Hangouts directly
from the app.
Android users previously had
to open a separate
"Messenger" app to start a
new Hangout, although
existing Hangouts could be
joined from Google+.
Now it's all under one app.
Your mobile Google+
The previous version of the
Google+ app resembled the
mobile version of the Google
+ website aesthetically and
But the Google+ 2.0 app
brings a host of pleasing

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